Oh my goodness! We've only gone and done it...

I was counting up the cogs on the caffs.co.uk difference engine and realised that we were only 4 caffs away from a century. So close yet so far. And no cigar.

I felt like the A Team locked in a shed with only cabbages and off-cuts of soil-pipe to turn to. But we all know what happened there don't we?

What we didn't do is assemble a vegetable cannon that managed to over-power a heavily-armed squad. No. What we did do thou' is pull together as a team and push the totaliser over the one hundred mark!

Don't take our word for it, you can see for yourself at caffs.co.uk.

Now I'm expecting a telegram from the Queen for this. Or better still a shiny badge, which is what the four contributors shall receive for their duties to the cause**. Many thanks lard lovers!

Next stop 200! If you know of a caff, don't keep it to yourself - let us know.

Lotsa luv,

caffs.co.uk x

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** Contributors are asked to supply a postal address to guarantee badge receipt.