Forti-frying the cause and bringing the oily community together - lotsa luv to for their hardy efforts!

The London Review of Breakfasts

Not always greasy caffs reviewed here, but the few that are shine very brightly in a lovely written style.

Terry's Leeds Cafes

For its size, Leeds rents out a good number of classic cafes and Terry features them all here with thought and respect. He has even patented a fantastic and scientific measure of what constitutes a good caff. Keep that formula safe, Terry!

Great British Cafes

Tex has recently moved up north and continues to discover and document top notch eateries with famished passion. He has also set up a worthy petition to save the greasy spoons which you must sign here.

Many thanks, Tex for sharing some of your photos and locations with!


Russell Davies' visits to fried establishments delivered in warm, creative fashion with pictures and words. He's even penned a book which you can buy here from Amazon.