Address: 40 Shudehill, Manchester, M4 1EZ

From eagle-eyed caff scouts

"Putting the Abergeldie at the top of our favourite greasy spoons may seem like a cliched and obvious choice, but in a city sadly bereft of authentic caffs, this place stands out a mile. The decor is straight out of a 1960s Wimpy Bar, all white vinyl seats and Formica tables, and the menus are fantastic. Hidden behind dirty wipe-proof covers, these plastic menus display the biggest range of breakfast combos in Manchester, and when the food arrives it's on the biggest plate you'll ever see. Sometimes a language barrier means you get more/less/different food than you ordered and the chips can be a bit crap sometimes, but that's all part of the charm. It's as Mancunian as Morrissey, only it's stayed where it belongs (ooohhh... handbag!)"

Ever fighting the cause, see their list of Manchester caffs. Why not rent a flat off them to say thanks? It's only fair...


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