Address: 34 Hampton Place, Brighton, BN1 3DD

A hot pile of fried potato, sausage, egg, black pudding, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms and cheese are the mainstay of Billie's famous 'Farmhouse' hash. It costs about £5 and you really ought to go for a 10 mile run after eating it. Despite the cost to your pocket and health, it's a fantastic experience which can finished off by a pint in the pub next door and a creme egg on the way home.

Billie's does other hashes - such as the Ranchero for TexMex vegetarians, but it's the Farmhouse that makes this cafe's reputation. You can also get a very fine Full English for the same price. So, a bit expensive, but the ingredients are all high quality and the service is nice and friendly. Avoid Sunday mornings unless you like queuing.

Contributor: ghostlyDog

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