Address: 169 Haxby Road, York

I walked all the way across the other side of town for this one. I'd spied it on occasions before and made a mental note to be back here sometime soon.

As I approached, I grew a little worried. I had remembered the cafe being emblazoned with 'All Day Breakfast' declarations like the end of the War, however I was inquiet as to whether it was just another sandwich shop. I could always go inside, order a take-away tea and then run for the hills...

But thankfully, I did go inside! All the signs I was looking for were there: fixed seating, perspex wall mounted menus and red and brown sauces with a decanter bevel. I made my order at the counter where I was addressed as Boss and asked to take a seat.

My tea and meal took no time at all, but it looked like there could be a problem [see picture]. Rose Cafe had got so carried away with piling my plate full of chips and beans, that there might be no room for the double-egg. Not to worry - they just flapped them on top like a pair of smiley eyes. Ha ha! Did one of them just wink at me?

Contributor: Benny Hall

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