Address: 22 Great Chapel Street, London, W1F 8FR

Run-down re-fried by kind permission of Soho Luncheoneers, Tum's Guide:

"The Star Cafe is bloody good, I love the fact that its been in Soho since 1931 And the owner Mario can be found normally nodding off at one of the tables.

the history of this place is an article in its self and the decor could also be discussed at great length however I will leave that up to the other reviews Iíve seen on the web. However weíre here to talk about wether my dodgy stomach and frayed nervous system can survive the lunch break. well to cut a long review short... yes this place rocks.

you can get the usual range of cafe food here and a some italian style bits and bobs.

good atmosphere and if you donít fall down the spiral staircase I reckon you will have a good lunch."

Contributor: Tum's Guide

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