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Address: 45 Gatley Green, Gatley, Cheshire SK8 4NF

From eagle-eyed caff scouts

"There are no Mancunian cafes mentioned in Adrian Maddox's 2003 seminal book 'Classic Cafes', but if there were, The Gatley Griddle & Grill would be right at the top. Despite being a 20 minute drive out of town, we've added it to our Top 10 Greasy Spoons because to live in Manchester and never visit would be a crime. It hasn't changed since the mid 1960s and the interior is charming and authentic, from the Formica tables to the Swedish wooden benches. Even if historic interiors aren't your thing, it's still worth a trip to see the fantastic plastic menu and eat the unbeatable toast and two slices of bacon"

Ever fighting the cause, see their list of Manchester caffs. Why not rent a flat off them to say thanks? It's only fair...


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