Address: 4 Aspin Lane, Manchester M4 4DP

From eagle-eyed caff scouts

"When the Luvthecity team last visited the Aspin Lane Cafe is was closed and up for sale, so we shouldn't really put it on our Top 10 list, but we're hoping its inclusion here will persuade someone to buy it, re-open it and bring back one of Manchester's finest greasy spoons. The Aspin Lane Cafe served this part of east Manchester for years with great breakfasts, big mugs of tea and buttery toast - so it's ironic that it closed before the area filled with the few thousand people that now live in the nearby Greenquarter. Come back Aspin Lane Cafe - your people need you!"

Ever fighting the cause, see their list of Manchester caffs. Why not rent a flat off them to say thanks? It's only fair...


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