Address: 21 Hilton Street, Manchester M1 1JJ

From eagle-eyed caff scouts

"Located in the heart of the Northern Quarter, Koffee Pot is one of the finest greasy spoons we've even seen; a messy, down-at-heel but fashionable caff full of eccentric customers. Occasionally it feels a little too sure of itself, but you can't beat the fantastic food. There are different pies each day, fabulous puddings, special order lunches and the finest Spam, Chips & Beans we've ever tasted"

Ever fighting the cause, see their list of Manchester caffs. Why not rent a flat off them to say thanks? It's only fair...

Also recommended by Simon Poulston who said:

"This is a great caff in central Manchester. Good food and very reasonable."

And eli_t - who gave it two thumbs up! Hooray!


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