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Address: 1A Clarence St, York YO31 7EL

Cafe St John is a relatively new caff, bless. Situated right next to the coach park off Gillygate, it greets the Foreigns with a well-oiled welcome as they stream off the bus.

Run by a lovely couple, this has to be the warmest caff I think I've ever been to. Whilst working out my bill on one occasion, the lady took a head-rest on the gent's lapel. I prescribe more cuddles for everyone to get us through the day!

I've been in on a number of occasions in my cycling attire. I get a few odd glances from the workers, but they just assume it's some new style, slim-fit hi-viz and turn back 'round.

So as not to trespass off menu, I order omelette, chips and beans. Now whether I say 'with' or 'and' beans, I always get the beans INSIDE my omelette [pictured - ignore the salad...]! And once you've had it that way, there's no going back, I tell you.

Look out for: free-range-egg window display feature and... eggy bread on the menu! Fabbo. wishes Cafe St John all the very best.


Just before this addition went to press, Cafe St John has now become Fish Inn - a fish and chip shop! Sniff.

Contributor: Benny Hall

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