Address: Bridge St, Otley, West Yorkshire, LS21 1BQ

Also known as 'Dunny's' - but not to be confused with the Australian.

The last time I came in here the kid next to me sicked up a stomach-load of blackcurrant kia-ora all over our table. The lady serving then came over and asked 'have you finished with that' pointing to my plate. I was in two minds... but not for long. Dunny's is cheaper than Thailand, so I ordered a second round as replacement.

With my tucker delivered and the table fixed, who should walk in but the knighted fixer himself - Sir Jimmy Saville! In full shell-suited livery.

Please don't be put off by my experience, I cannot recommend Dunny's more highly. The vomit, I can assure you was a one-off. Lighting never strikes twice as they say - apart from Sir Jimmy Saville that is, who is a regular patron.

Quality, good-priced fare and pint-sized cupsa splosh as standard. How's about that then!

Contributor: Benny Hall

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